Custom Tape Converting

What is custom tape converting?  Tape manufacturer’s produce tape on large “logs” which require a tape slitter to cut to custom widths.  Did you ever notice big box stores offer tape in only a few widths?  We can cut your tape to custom specifications no matter how tasking it may be. Tulsa Plastics has a state of the art Cevenini Tape Slitter capable of cutting custom width specialty tapes to tolerances as tight as +/-.003”.   Specializing in the aerospace industry Tulsa Plastics is an authorized distributor for 3M, DeWal, Scapa, Superior Mark, & Mask Off Protex, and many more.  We also carry a wide range of protective maskings including American Built Rite, Main Tape, and Clear Cast Technologies.  Tulsa Plastics is your one source for specialty tapes and masking.

  Tape Converting Services

  • Converting specialty industrial tapes to custom width specifications on our brand new, state-of-the-art Cevenini E320 tape slitting machine that has very tight slitting tolerances. 
  • We are stocking tapes on master log rolls for the Aerospace and Aviation industries, as well as oil field related products. 
  • We provide superior safety tapes for 5 Sigma compliance, protective tapes and mylars meeting most Aerospace/Aviation and military specifications. Protective tapes and films provide cost efficient and cost effective solutions. 

  We are a Converter/Distributor for: 

  • 3M
  • American Biltrite Inc.
  • Ideal Tapes
  • Scapa N.A.
  • Berry Plastics
  • Dewal
  • Echo Engineering
  • Tesa Tapes
  • American Flexible Composites
  • *3M Tapes and adhesives including high-temp masking tapes
  • *Purple, green and blue mylar composite tapes
  • *Flame retardant carpet tape (double-sided)
  • *Protective tape (wing walk) puncture proof
  • *Carpet Mask
  • *Plasma spray tapes
  • *UHMW Teflon tapes (10 mil, 20 mil)
  • *Kapton tape
  • *Glass Cloth Tape (Bead tape)
  • *Double coated polyethlene foam tapes
  • *Pipe Wrap tapes
  • *Heavy duty floor marking safety tapes (5S compliant)
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