Water Jet Cutting

Tulsa Plastics utilizes the latest Water Jet cutting technology to deliver quality tight tolerance parts delivered on time, every time.  From job shop orders to large quantity production runs.  We’ve got you covered.  Tulsa Plastics has 3 water jets standing by with the ability to cut virtually any material up to 6” thick.  Our showcase machine cuts at 90,000 psi with a tilting nozzle which eliminates kerf giving you a smooth, clean, straight cut.   Our machines speak for themselves, but there’s another ingredient required.  Our service and commitment to our customers is paramount to our success.  We strive for customer satisfaction and continual improvement.  When you do business with Tulsa Plastics you get more than just quality parts.  We understand that our customer’s requirements must be our own as well.  It’s a partnership that leads us forward together.  Come experience the Tulsa Plastics difference.
Waterjet nozzle

Omax Waterjet machine